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24/7 call answering service

Ace that first impression

Our UK-based receptionists professionally answer every business call you receive, making sure you ace the first impression. Get your own Virtual Landline and a team of receptionists available to take your calls 24/7.

Best of all, with our phone answering services, you’ll never miss another lead or business call again.

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Virtual Receptionist

Never miss a call again

Your callers will speak to a real person who understands your business. They’ll follow a simple script, delivering the message and details you need.

Our UK-based call handlers will share the caller’s name, contact details and message by email once the call is finished.

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YOUR OWN PA Your PA will help you manage your calls, calendar, appointments, and more
NEVER MISS A CALL AGAIN, EVER Your receptionist is backed-up by your own reception team, ensuring no call slips through
CANCEL ANY TIME We offer monthly rolling subscriptions so you have the flexibility to cancel any time
UK-BASED RECEPTIONISTS Our receptionists are 100% UK-based to better serve your UK-based customers

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Virtual Receptionist and Virtual Personal Assistant?

  1. With Virtual Receptionist, we will answer your calls following your script, collect the caller’s name, contact details and reasons for calling and share the details with you straight away.
  2. With Virtual Personal Assistant, you get all of the above, as well as taking all caller info you need, forwarding live calls to your staff, appointment booking, calendar management, email management and more. 

Why should I use a call answering service?

Call answering services provide a cheap and professional solution to business call management. For an in-depth look at the benefits, view our Call Answering Services page.

How much does each call cost?

Virtual Personal Assistant offers six plans with inclusive minutes plus a per-minute call charge of £0.02 for landlines and £0.05 for mobiles.

How do you know when the call is for me?

Our smart tech automatically recognises your number and sends the call straight to your Virtual Receptionist or Virtual Assistant. In a flash, they receive all of your information before the call even rings.

How do you know how to handle my calls?

Our smart tech instantly recognises when your number is being called and automatically sends it to your Virtual Receptionist or Virtual Personal Assistant. On their screen will appear your business profile, with your script business information, instructions and more.

Do you keep a log of my calls and messages?

All your calls, messages and post can be viewed on our Virtually There Portal. Simply log-in to view your profile.

Can you answer my calls only when I am busy?

Yes, you can schedule when to divert your calls through to us, so you never miss a business call again.

Can I have my calls transferred to me or my staff?

Yes, with Virtual Personal Assistant, all calls you receive can be transferred to the appropriate staff member as you instruct. Any calls you don’t want to take right away will be handled by our receptionists. They will collect the caller’s contact info and message, and share the details with you.

Are all my calls answered by you?

All our calls are answered by our experienced team Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6pm. Out of hours calls are handled by our UK-based partners.

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